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Acupuncture for Inducing Labour

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The following is a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine in 2009. It shows some good results of Acupuncture helping to induce labour and also the birthing process. The Table on page 1212 is easy to read and shows results clearly.

In my practice, I always try to encourage Acupuncture treatments starting from 35 to 36 weeks and once a week leading up to the due date. This gradual process helps ripen the uterus, relax the mother and encourage labour to occur much closer to due date instead of trying to induce after it.
Chi Eung Danforn Lim, M.B.B.S.,1 Jenny M. Wilkinson, Ph.D.,2 Wu Shun Felix Wong, M.D.,3 and Nga Chong Lisa Cheng, M.B.B.S.4 in their paper entitled: Effect of Acupuncture on Induction of Labor state that:

…Acupuncture has been described as an effective tool for
cervical ripening and induction of labor.9 In contrast, Lyrenas
et al.10 reported that acupuncture was neither sufficient
to reduce the need for analgesics nor to reduce the duration
of labor. However, other authors have observed significant
effects of acupuncture on the duration of the first and second
stages of labor.9,11–15click this link to read the whole paper…

Andrew Orr of Shen Therapies in Brisbane has also conducted his own studies which he has written about in the following link:


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