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 Sally Wise

sally Born and raised in Adelaide, Sally moved to the Sunshine Coast in 1997 where she began her career in the Natural Therapies Industry & Acupuncture. After studying, she went on to do 5 years of clinical practice in the Noosa area, working alongside reputable Chiropractors such as Dr Howard Frye and Dr Richelle Barker. After moving back to SA in 2009, Sally spent 4 years working at Southern Vales Chiropractic Clinic in McLaren Vale with Dr Brian Tressider and Kimberly Spares. She now has home practice in Willunga.


Sally is a registered Acupuncturist with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia and registered Health Practitioner with APRHA.
Sally holds an Advanced Diploma in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and trained at the Australian Institute of Applied Science (AIAS), in Brisbane where she was top of her class in Acupuncture practical and philosophy. Sally is a member of  the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.


In 2006, Sally completed further training as a Doula at Optimum Birth on the Gold Coast and has since supported many women in their birthing experiences. This training has given Sally knowledge and insight in supporting  a woman on her pregnancy and birthing journey and calming techniques to aid a smoother labour.

Sally also undertook an intensive, and comprehensive training program in Brisbane in 2010, under Kinergetics master instructor Ranee Zeller, of Bayside Kinesiology. She completed study and training in all 5 modules and certificates of Kinergetics and now regularly incorporates Kinergetics into her treatment sessions and practice.


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