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Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the practice of restoring balance to the body’s energy(qi) through the meridian system. Pain and illness results when there is an imbalance or blockage of qi within the the meridians of the body. Fine painless needles are inserted into specific points in attempt to release, restore and encourage qi to flow smoothly and hence relieve pain and dis-ease.

Acupuncture needles on the back of a beautiful womanAcupuncture can be used to treat almost any symptom or condition. It can help alleviate pain from sore or injured muscles and joints, arthritis and headaches aswell as manage problems like sinus, asthma and menstrual issues. Acupuncture is extremely useful for fertility, pregnancy symptoms and inducing labour. Acupuncture is also highly effective in the management of emotional health, helping with depression, anxiety and stress.

Sally is a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist who works with 5 element theory and Traditional Chinese Philosophy that is in line with code and practice of the universities and hospitals of China.

A consult and treatment with Sally is always personalized to suit individual client needs. She most often combines acupuncture and massage to relieve musculoskeletal ailments(such as back, shoulder, neck pain), and Acupuncture and energy work are often combined for more internal or emotional conditions.

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